LOSER Chemie is closely linked to the paper, paperboard and pulp industry. The core business of founding the company in 1998 by Ulrich Loser was the trading with process chemicals for the paper industry. Decades of know-how in theory and practice are justified by the professional paper industry experience of the company's founder which makes us your competent partner when it comes to your pathbreaking and innovative solutions in the applications and the production of process chemicals for the paper, paperboard and pulp industry.

Sie werden von uns begleitend kompetent, anwendungs- und kostenorientiert beraten und betreut. Wir bieten Ihnen eine Bandbreite an chemischen Produkten sowie Komplettlösungen für die Papierindustrie in den folgenden Anwendungsgebieten:

  • Retention
  • Trash fixation
  • Drainage
  • Slime control
  • Defoaming / de-aeration
  • Felt and filter cleaning
  • Hydrophobising (wet and dry setting)



Process chemicals


Retention agents / flocculants / polymers


Emulsion products and powder products with different molecular weights, charges, charge densities

Areas of application: Pulp and paper industry
Implementation: Retention, flotation, sludge dewatering, solid / liquid separation in industrial wastewater, flocculation, auxiliary for filtration processes, auxiliary sedimentation
Trade name: LOCOL series



Wet strength agents


Based on melamine-formaldehyde

Areas of application: pulp and paper industry
Implementation: Production of impregnation and decor papers, document and security papers, wallpaper base papers, hygienic papers, technical filter papers, wet-strength filter papers for food packaging, other papers and cartons with low formaldehyde values
Trade name: LOSIN NF




Anionic paraffin emulsion

Areas of application: pulp and paper industry
Implementation: For the sizing and surface finishing of paper and paperboard, use for increasing the hydrophobicity of papers and paperboard itself or in combination with other sizing agents in compound, use for surface refining in size presses, formulations and in coating compounds, suitable for use in the production of printing, writing, photobase, coating and other papers, in which a hard mass sizing is desired, use in food packaging, eg drinking cups and folding cartons, food packaging paper (e.g., meat-processing industry), uses for production of pulp molded products e.g. egg packaging
Trading name: LOPHOB A


Paraffin dispersion

Areas of application: pulp and paper industry
Implementation: for use in the mass production of paper, paperboard and cardboard, as well as pulp moulding, high affinity for pulp and wood pulp fibers, good pulling capacity when using recovered paper, improvement of dimensional stability, smoothness and flexibility of papers, reduction of dust in the printing press, control of the Cobb value, control of the preparation intake in the size press by achieving of a barrier effect in coating base paper, hydrophobising



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The efficient and sustainable use of raw materials and resources concerns us all. And so we are very pleased that the Loser Chemie GmbH, which is also part of the LFFICIENCY Holding, has been nominated by the jury of the German Resource Efficiency Prize with the theme "Aqualux - photovoltaic recycling simply with water".

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At the invitation of the managing director of Smedic Technology Co., LtD, Mr. Weijie Shi, the managing director of Loser Chemie GmbH Ulrich Loser and chief technologist Dr. Ing. Wolfram Palitzsch to Tianzhu, China, near Beijing, to conduct joint tests and trials on various water treatment processes.

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Next week, the 2nd World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) will take place in Yokohama, Japan, on October 22-24, 2018.

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As long as there are solar cells and photovoltaics, the whole industry is concerned with the question of recovering precious raw materials.

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Loser Chemie GmbH at the Intersolar Europe in Munich

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