Loser Chemie GmbH is an established, medium-sized company located in Zwickau, Saxony.

Today Loser Chemie GmbH is one important pillar of LFFICIENCY Holding (former Loser Holding). As a chemical company, Loser Chemie GmbH also offers several own chemical products.as well as synthetic orders and blendings.

As a toll manufacturer, Loser Chemie GmbH has made a name as a reliable partner. Due to our capacity and years of experience, we are a dependable partner for toll production. Loser Chemie GmbH is absolutely neutral, reliable and flexible in the production of orders. Currently we have a product portfolio of more than 500 auxiliaries for the paper, textile, leather, water and sewage industry. The recipes and manufacturing specifications of our customers are treated absolutely confidentially. An accompanying and continuously performed quality control of the manufactured products is carried out by our laboratory and guarantees the agreed specifications of the finished product. Loser Chemie GmbH has many years of experience in the development, production and sale of leather auxiliaries in the field of toll production. Recently, we are on the market with new leather auxiliaries and offer 300 own leather finishing products for leather coating.

With its own and very intensive research and development, Loser Chemie GmbH is constantly improving its products and expanding its portfolio. Questions of sustainable resource efficiency, resource protection and environmental protection play a central role in corporate philosophy.

For its globally unique process for the recycling of thin-film photovoltaic waste, Loser Chemie GmbH was awarded the Saxon Environmental Award 2015 in the category „Environmentally friendly technologies and production processes“.

The various business segments do not stand alone, but blend seamlessly into a whole - and this also across all sectors. We have learned that the linking of different professional competencies can lead to enormous added value. One result of our corporate strategy is also particularly evident in the development of our employee numbers. Since the year 2000, this number has grown from one employee to approximately 100 employees at the whole LFFICIENCY Holding (former Loser Holding).

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The efficient and sustainable use of raw materials and resources concerns us all. And so we are very pleased that the Loser Chemie GmbH, which is also part of the LFFICIENCY Holding, has been nominated by the jury of the German Resource Efficiency Prize with the theme "Aqualux - photovoltaic recycling simply with water".

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At the invitation of the managing director of Smedic Technology Co., LtD, Mr. Weijie Shi, the managing director of Loser Chemie GmbH Ulrich Loser and chief technologist Dr. Ing. Wolfram Palitzsch to Tianzhu, China, near Beijing, to conduct joint tests and trials on various water treatment processes.

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Next week, the 2nd World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) will take place in Yokohama, Japan, on October 22-24, 2018.

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As long as there are solar cells and photovoltaics, the whole industry is concerned with the question of recovering precious raw materials.

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Loser Chemie GmbH at the Intersolar Europe in Munich

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